You’ve said it!

The Most Important Qualities as a Willats' Guide

In no specific order, our guides shared 42 thoughts on what it takes to be a Guide…

A Love for God and His people

Compassion and Empathy with people

Having Grace – Making people feel comfortable in your presence

Reflecting with people on their journeys

Listening to people and where they’re at

Energy bringer and using your energy wisely

Pastoral qualities – Being there and being present and reliable

The ability to ask good questions


Fearful and steadfast

Faithful, Grounded and Rooted

Sensitive towards others and their stories

Discernment from God

Focused on the dynamics of relationships – Good people skills

Speaking the Truth in Love

Simplistic – Being authentic, Real and Genuine

Building relationships – Encourage Meaningful Relationships

Being confident in your identity in Jesus Christ

Word focused


Relating well with a diversity of people, different ages, cultures and backgrounds

Flexibility – to fulfil a diversity of roles

Managing expectations and boundaries well

You don’t have to fix everything!

Be aware of your own limitations



Good Communication Skills

Good networker

Mentally tough (All weird and wonderful things are happening all the time!)

Being vulnerable

Sharing Jesus in a simple, yet understandable way

Bringing hope to the hopeless in a relevant manner

Knowing that you are a mess too, but there’s freedom in coming to God

Being open to learn something new everyday

Knowing when to speak and when to be quiet

Adapting well to different situations


Collaborative – sometimes God call you to join in, open up and draw people in

Risk taker

Knowing how to balance it all

Managing your time well