Where Are our Guides Located?

One of our main strategic priorities are to support Christian workers serving in the most deprived areas of the UK.  To target the most deprived areas, we make use of the Indices of Deprivation.

What are the Indices of Deprivation?

It’s a unique measure of relative deprivation at a small local area level across England.  The Indices provide a set of measures of deprivation for small areas across England, based on seven different domains, or facets, of deprivation:

  • Income deprivation
  • Employment deprivation
  • Education, Skills and Training deprivation
  • Health deprivation and disability
  • Crime
  • Barriers to housing and services
  • Living environment deprivation

When considering grants, it is helpful for us to understand where the applicant will be serving geographically and how this sits against the indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD)

We use the IMD Mapping Tool to plot the area of the worker and only commit to support those serving and located in the top 10%-30% of the most deprived areas.  Please follow the link to read the latest Report on The English Indices of Deprivation 2019 (IoD2019)

It is stated in the Report that the following areas, where some of our current guides are based, fall into the category of the most deprived neighbourhoods in England:









Kingston upon Hull

We are currently supporting 39 guides, working in the following roles:

  1. Sports Outreach
  2. Community Outreach
  3. Family & Children’s workers
  4. Prison workers
  5. CAP workers
  6. School’s workers

Our support also stretches to target specific groups of people like refugees, sex workers, ex-offenders and other minority groups.  We’re currently supporting 3 prison workers, 2 workers engaging with Iranian Refugees, and a one guide working and engaging with a variety of Muslim groups.

See below a few maps showing where our Guides are located, the majority of them based all over England, with one guide serving in Carmarthenshire, Wales.  We currently don’t have any guides serving in Ireland and we don’t support Christian workers based in Scotland.