Terms and Conditions

About the Grant Process

The Trust seeks to assist churches/charities by contributing towards the salary which the church/charity has agreed to pay to the proposed Guide.  Since in most cases a grant will not support the whole of a Guide’s salary, the Trustees would expect that the church/charity would match the funding sought from the Trust from their own funds but the Trustees realise that this may not always be possible.  If funding is being sought from a variety of sources, the applicant church/charity must identify the sources and the amounts sought and/or awarded.

All grants are awarded subject to the Trust’s finances and funds available for its grant making.  Grants of an ongoing nature up to a maximum of three years are made in sums starting from £500 per annum.  We suggest that you speak to the Trust’s administrator should you require further information about the size and nature of our grant making program.  The Trustees reserve the right to withdraw a grant at any time without notice.

Payments of a grant are made to the PCC or other administrative body or charity, through monthly payments.  Subsequent payments are contingent upon the receipt of satisfactory written reports from the Guide.  Therefore, since continued funding cannot be guaranteed, applicants should account for this in their planning. The annual reports of the Guide must be approved and signed off by his/her line-manager (who is usually the minister of the church or chief officer of the charity).  These reports are requested yearly at the end of March or September, dependent on when the Guide’s grant started with us.

Please note that failure to deliver a Guide’s report in accordance with the Trustees requirements by the due date jeopardises the continuance of the grant.

General Guidance

  1. Whilst the Trust expects the majority of a Guide’s time to be involved in the work outlined above, the charity understands that a Guide will need time to prepare for their work and that he/she will have some administrative tasks to fulfil.  In most cases the Trust would expect no more than one third of a Guide’s time (whether they work full time or part time) to be spent in preparation and administration, save in exceptional circumstances.
  2. The Trust will not ordinarily support more than one (full-time equivalent) Guide in any one organisation.
  3. The Trust stress that any grant awarded is for the sole benefit of the named Guide and is not transferable.
  4. The Trust would ordinarily expect to renew an ongoing grant for up to a maximum period of three (3) years. The payment of grant monies is dependent upon the receipt of satisfactory annual reports.
  5. After a minimum of 12 months following the expiry of a grant, the Trustees may be prepared to accept a further application from the church or charity in respect of the named Guide.
  6. Should the Guide fall ill and be absent from their work due to that illness for any length of time, the Trust reserves the right to withdraw funding.
  7. The church/charity must notify the charity if such absence continues beyond four working weeks. The absence of the Guide from his/her work will be noted and reviewed by the Trustees at their next meeting after being notified of the Guide’s absence due to illness.  The church/charity should notify the Trust when the Guide returns to work.  The Trust will notify the church/charity of their decision concerning the continuation of funding during the period of illness and after the Guide returns to work.
  8. Should the Guide commence a period of maternity or paternity leave, the Trust reserves the right to withdraw funding.
  9. The church/charity must notify the Trust of the anticipated date for the commencement of maternity/paternity leave and the expected date (if any) for the Guides’ return to work.  The grant will cease on the last day prior to the commencement of parental leave.  Should any grant monies have been paid which cover a period during which the Guide is on parental leave, the church/charity must reimburse those monies to the Trust.  If the Guide plans to return to work, the church/charity must notify the Trust of the agreed date of return to work with confirmation that the nature of the Guides’ work and their hours remain unchanged.  If, however, changes are proposed, the church/charity must notify the Trust of those changes whereupon the Trustees will, in their discretion, decide whether to alter the grant in any way or withdraw the grant and request a new application.

Terms & Conditions of Grant Awards

In addition to the terms and conditions outlined above all grants are made subject to the following provisions:

  1. The church/charity supporting the application (and who will receive the grant monies) must be a registered charity.
  2. Once a grant has been approved, it will be paid by via BACS to the respective organisation’s account on a monthly basis, starting from the first week of April or October each year, dependent on when the Guide’s grant period started with us.
  3. Grants are solely for the benefit of the Applicant and therefore should be shown in the church/charity’s audited accounts as ‘restricted’.
  4. Grants are awarded on an individual application basis.
  5. Grants are reconsidered and may be renewed every year subject to receipt of a satisfactory formal report from the appointed Guide.  Failure to submit a report by the stated date may result in the grant being withdrawn without notice.
  6. Grants may be renewed every year to a maximum period of three (3) years,.
  7. A grant can only be used for the benefit of the named Applicant and should not be used for any other purpose or transferred to any third party.
  8. If the grant is used for any purpose other than for the benefit of the Applicant, the Trust reserves the right to ask for any money paid to be returned.
  9. The church/charity supporting the application must take reasonable care to ensure that the work undertaken by the Grantee is conducted in a proper manner and in accordance with applicable laws and relevant guidance.
  10. By providing a grant the Trust is not accepting any responsibility for the Guide and/or his/her work for or in the church/charity, which remains the responsibility of the church/charity who appointed and employs the Guide.
  11. The support of The Willats Trust may be mentioned in appropriate terms in publications, websites, events and other publicity relating to the Guide and the work that he/she undertakes. If the church/charity chooses to celebrate with publicity the appointment of the Guide and his/her work, we request that a copy of any announcement is sent to the Trust.  Please contact the Trust first if you would like to use our logo.
  12. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of grant awards you agree that all photos, video material and case studies supplied by your church/charity can be used by the Trust in its publicity material.
  13. Background material including photos, video material, stories and logos must be provided to the Trust at the time of receipt of the grant and throughout the grant period so that we are able to fulfill the Trust’s reporting requirements.
  14. The Trust reserves the right to ask for the whole of a grant or any unspent balance to be returned if it is found out that the applicant and/or the church/charity supporting the application has provided false information or has not adhered to the terms and conditions of acceptance.
  15. Data Protection: The Trust requires the information and documentation requested in the Application Form to allow us to process the application and the Trustees to properly assess the application. All the information provided in support of the application, including personal details, will be retained by the Trust and some of it will be held in a database.  The Trust complies with the procedures concerning the storage and disclosure of your information required by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the new GDPR Regulations 2018.