About The Willats’ Trust

A word from our Grants Manager - Rev'd Meri Schoeman

The Willats’ Trust exist to support Christians in sharing the Good News of Jesus in the most deprived areas of the UK.  Without Guides to support, we don’t have a reason to exist.  You are everything our Charity is all about.  This year we will be celebrating the 165th anniversary of Mr. Willats’ vision.  A vision to serve the most marginalised people of society.  During the 19th century, if people didn’t have any suitable clothes to wear to a religious place of worship, they didn’t attend church.  Mr Willats wanted to change this, so he decided to “take church to the people”, setting up a “Spiritual Guide” programme where workers would visit the poorest in society to read them the Bible, pray with them and help them understand God’s word.  During this time, Mr Willats acquired a considerable number of properties across the Bath area.  These properties enabled Mr Willats’ to fulfil his vision in supporting Christians to share the Good News of Jesus in the most deprived areas of the UK.

Today, nothing much has changed.  Our main focus is to financially equip and enable Christian workers in partnership with the organisations they are linked to.  The Willats’ Trust owns a number of properties in Bath city centre.  Through letting these properties, they continue to provide the valuable financial income that allow the trust to give out grants and support Christian workers. Our grants support Christian workers in sharing the Good News of Jesus with their communities, with those people most in need.  All through God’s grace, today this vision of Mr Willats still stands.

Our support is not restricted to only giving out grants, we also thrive on building relationship with our guides and connecting them with other Christian workers and organisations.  Being appointed as a guide gives you the opportunity to embark on a wonderful journey, through being supported financially for a period of 3 years, connecting you with other guides and building lifelong connections that have meaning and impact.  You become part of a remarkable network of people!

The opportunity and potential that The Willats’ Trust has in enabling Christian workers and giving wings to their vision and passion in sharing the Gospel is life changing.  The main criteria we look at when appointing guides are the area of deprivation in which the worker is serving, the evangelistic approach and contact time the worker is spending within the community he / she is serving.

Why not take the chance today and give us a call!  We’re looking so much forward to hearing from you and how you intend to spread the Gospel in the most marginalised areas of the UK.